Tuesday Trade-In 2/11/2020 @Pixel Blast Arcade!

Greetings gamers! For those who missed the Tuesday Trade-in, we've got two new games on the floor at Pixel Blast Arcade in the Arcade816 Console Cabinets.

First up, Medieval Mayhem! Released in 2006 into the homebrew community for Atari 2600! It's essentially a clone of Warlords, with a lot of the arcade features put back in, plus a lot more improvements. You use the Paddle controller to control a shield and defend your castle from bouncing fireballs. If the castle falls, and your king is hit, it's game over for you. The game starts by presenting you with an options screen, which you can use to select number of players, speed and number of fireballs (up to 3), whether or not you can catch and release fireballs (or just bounce and defend), and how many wins to victory. Then a dragon flies out and spits out the initial fireball to a random player. Each time a king is defeated, an additional fireball enters play. A lot of improvements over 2600 Warlords including stereo sound! It also supports 4 players like the original, so we have an extra couple of Paddle controllers attached to the cabinet so a third or fourth player can enjoy together!

We were initially going to put Warlords on the floor at the last Trade-In at Pixel Blast, but we switched to Circus Atari instead due to a timing issue in Warlords code that makes it incompatible with the OSSC upscaler. As huge fans of Warlords, we wanted to find a way for our players to be able to enjoy it, so we felt Medieval Mayhem was a more than worthy substitute.

Next we have Bomberman '93 on the floor! Released in... well, '93 for TurboGrafx-16 by Hudson Soft. While the original Bomberman establishes the basic gameplay system we'd come to expect going forward, Bomberman '93 adds interactive elements like conveyor belts and teleporters that move either the player or bombs to other locations. It also carries these elements and themed stages over to the multiplayer battle mode.

For those unfamiliar, Bomberman can drop bombs anywhere and after a short time these bombs will explode. Anything caught in the explosion, even the player, will be destroyed. Use this to defeat enemies and destroy parts of the stage to progress forward, along the way picking up power-ups that allow multiple bombs to be dropped and increasing their destructive range among other enhancements. Despite the way it sounds, the game is geared toward a younger audience, and is great for kids to adults. The single player story mode is really fun, but Bomberman really shines in is multiplayer head to head battle game. Supporting four players, we have extra TurboGrafx-16 gamepads attached to the cabinet to accommodate players 3 & 4.

Bring some friends, and try both of these multiplayer masterpieces, ONLY at Pixel Blast Arcade for a limited time!

We say good bye for now to our previous titles: Circus Atari for Atari 2600, and Legendary Galaxy Policewoman Sapphire for TurboGrafx-16.

There are currently five of our eight Arcade816 Console Cabinets in the wild:

Pixel Blast Arcade - Lisle, IL:
Atari 2600: Medieval Mayhem
TurboGrafx 16: Bomberman '93

Prince Arcades - Bolingbrook, IL:
Super Nintendo: Super Road Blaster

Yetee Station - Aurora, IL:
Nintendo Game Boy: Tetris
Sega Genesis: Earthworm Jim: Special Edition

Tuesday Trade-in video link: http://blog.arcade816.com/2020/02/tuesday-trade-in-2112020-pixel-blast.html

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