Arcade816 Crowdfunding Campaign: Phase One Complete

Console Cabinet Prototypes available for purchase:



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So why do you need to crowdfund Arcade816?

This is so we can afford the tools we need to make more Console Cabinets. Tools like CNC machine, table saw, 3D printer, and others which will help us make more cabinets, and make them efficiently and cheaper in the long run. More cabinets (and other stuff) can then be built to sell, which in turn will help our Classical Gaming Museum venue open that much sooner! 

How does this work?

This isn't your typical crowdfunding campaign. We're not asking for donations. Instead we're selling four of our prototype Console Cabinets over the next few weeks. This way you actually get something out of the deal too! Each week (Sunday) we'll post a new cabinet for sale!

The current Console Cabinets we're offering are listed above. Contact us to purchase! The buyer will also be recognized as a top contributor to Arcade816, which may carry more rewards later!

What happens if I decide to purchase?

You'll have 7 days to work with us to make pickup/delivery arrangements, or the cabinet will be re-posted for sale. Pick-up is free, delivery is extra and available to the vicinity of the Chicago suburbs. Freight shipping can be arranged if you're further away.

I want one! What do I do? 

Contact us to buy! They're live and ready to sell! If you have any questions, contact us via Facebook, email, or call/text us 815-905-2816 with questions. We'll keep everyone posted throughout the week as to how things are progressing. Our sincere thanks for helping to make Arcade816 a reality!