Up and running!

First coat of paint, electronics in, up and running for the first time. Quite a mess of wires, we'll clean that up later. It's working, that's what's important. Next items to be installed are a replacement amp, reset button, and oh yeah, joysticks and buttons! Coming along nicely though.


The first template!

This plywood template was the very first tangible piece of the arcade. We would go on to refine this design and eventually used it to cut out the first two cabinet sides. A new template is in the works to design a Nintendo style cabinet!


The first cut

Team 816's Danyon Carpenter (A.K.A. Olaf) makes the very first cut to build Arcade816. As you can see, MDF is a messy material!


In 11 months, this pile of MDF will become legendary.


Parts and stuff

The internal parts have started to come in! Pyle amp and speakers, Acer 23" IPS gaming monitor, upscaler and lighting. The amp didn't handle the Genesis powerup very well and would go into protection about 25% of the time, so that meant no audio 25% of the time! So it had to be ditched for a more beefy model later. Everything is working great to this day!


3D renders

Here are some of the earliest 3D renders my genius pal Danyon Carpenter made. He took the vision of the 816 cab out of my brain, into cyberspace, and eventually into the real world! I can't tell you how important it was to be able to see the project finished before cutting a single board. A lot of problems got solved without any wasted material.