Weird day.

Weird day. Went to the video game swap meet at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield IL, ended up meeting video game royalty. The dudes from YouTube channels My Life in Gaming (Coury Carlson, Marc Duddleson) and Game Sack (Joe Redifer)! Also Ste Kulov, owner of HD Retrovision who makes component cables for SNES, Genesis and others, and Frank Cifaldi, Director of The Video Game History Foundation. Trickman TerryJason Hedlund and I convinced them to swing over to Pixel Blast Arcade in Lisle for a night of arcade geek out and Genesis games on the 816 Cabinet! No big deal, whatever.


Open Source Scan Converter

What a difference an upscaler makes! When deciding to make a modern style arcade, we had to overcome some problems. Like how to make old 240p video games look good on a modern 1080p LCD monitors. Enter the Open Source Scan Converter. The OSSC incrementally line doubles (or triples, up to 5x) the 240p image so the quality remains crystal clear. It can even simulate the scanlines present on a CRT monitor, making the gameplay experience complete and authentic. You can snag one at VideogamePerfection.com


Pixel Blast!

Proud to be joining the ranks of arcade operators like my dear pal Paul Ojeda. The modern arcade community is loaded with honest, decent people who have bent over backwards to help me get started. Many thanks!


Glamour shots

Safe and sound.

Made it home safely from Midwest Gaming Classic, but more importantly so did the 816 Console Cab! It's new home is with my pals at Pixel Blast Arcadein Lisle, Illinois, who are taking great care of it, and were very understanding about my "new cab anxiety". If you missed the chance to see it at MGC, it will be available for play from this Tuesday, and we'll soon establish some kind of routine for swapping in Sega Genesis cartridges that YOU want to play. Stay tuned!


Gotta Go Fat...!

Sonic 2 XL was the sleeper hit of the show! Everyone was having a great laugh playing this ROM hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, where Sonic gets fatter as he collects more (onion) rings. We're on the way out, so thank you Midwest Gaming Classic for your kind words of encouragement. In return I will bring you the best experience I can next year!

Mario playing Mario...

Welcome players, to family day at Midwest Gaming Classic! Here's Mario playing Mario... On Genesis??

816 Console Cabinets for sale?

A lot of folks are asking if the 816 Console Cabinets will be for sale. Our main focus at the moment is getting enough cabinets built to get the arcade open. There will be 10 or so of the Genesis cabs you saw at Midwest Gaming Classic, but also cabinets dedicated to other game consoles. Once we have 50-60 total, the arcade will be open for your enjoyment. Once we are established and on track, we would have no problem offering limited numbers for sale. Pricing would be determined at that time as well. Thanks everyone for your interest!


Thank you Midwest Gaming Classic!

Thank you Midwest Gaming Classic for your kind words about our prototype cabinet! You made it a great Saturday! We'll be back tomorrow!

Fun at Midwest Gaming Classic!

Midwest Gaming Classic is great fun so far! A lot of folks are enjoying the prototype Console Cab! Come visit at the Pixel Blast Arcade booth.